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The aim is to network farmers throughout India through KPK's in all climatic conditions and help them with cheaper inputs and higher selling prices with the know how to conserve vital resources (water, energy, soil, fertilizers and pesticides) and learn and use Total quality management techniques. . Creation of knowledge dossiers in printed and multimedia forms in an essay and simple style, in their own language would be the key to the success of this endeavor and therefore vital. ICS will facilitate at all levels - using learning tools and gadgets for the entire agriculture chain that includes farmer aggregation, backward and forward integration of inputs, produce, suppliers and sellers through knowledge dissemination on lCT backbone. All relevant forms databases etc. would be designed and maintained in a standardized way,. Report design an generation would be standardized. KPK would be trained to maintain them along with an understanding of basic accounting fundamentals, taxes applicable etc. Lists of FAQ's and answers in each area would be developed.
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